CBW Recovery

An Intuitive and Individualised Business Recovery & Insolvency Practice

We offer the full range of transactional services

From dealing with financial crisis, business restructuring, shareholder disputes, valuations through to complex solvent restructuring and offer a responsive, confident, and compassionate service.

We offer the full range of transactional services
We have 3 licensed insolvency practitioners

We have 4 qualified insolvency practitioners, of which 2 are fully licenced

And within our team there is a wealth of expertise ranging from individuals to international companies.

We take pride in offering a bespoke personalised service

And will assist in any way possible to help avoid formal insolvency procedures. If they are inevitable, we will act swiftly, professionally and compassionately to preserve value, where possible, for everyone involved.

We take pride in offering a bespoke personalised service

Service Specialisms

We offer a wide range of services, including:

Administrations & Receiverships

Placing a company into administration provides breathing space, free from creditor pressure, for a strategy to be put in place. All outstanding or future legal action by creditors will be halted, while the administrator is appointed to take control of the company to negotiate the best outcome for the creditors.


Business Turnarounds & Informal
Arrangements with Creditors

Closure Options for Companies

While often a difficult choice it's often best not to find yourself stuck in a sunk cost fallacy. When insolvency does hit liquidation can prevent tensions from rising with creditors, relieving pressure from all parties.

Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs)

CVA provides the opportunity for a company to negotiate a legally binding repayment plan with outstanding creditors, these will typically last between 3-5 years. This can result in some debt being written off, with the remainder paid back through affordable and sustainable monthly repayments. This allows a company to continue to trade during this time, allowing it to use future profits to pay existing debts.

A CVA can be started when 75% (by value) of creditors agree to it's implementation. Therefore, a convincing proposal must be offered, with a substantial enough monthly financial contribution to satisfy creditors, while also demonstrating the company’s viability as a trading entity.

Compulsory Liquidation &
Winding Up Petition

Usually following a statutory Demand left ignored creditors of a company, owed £750 or more, can present a winding up petition. If a winding up petition has been received you have only seven days to respond before the courts will consider issuing a Winding up Order, which would shut down the company.

In these cases, there are often 3 possible options: Administration, Company voluntary arrangement or dispute of debt (litigation). However, all three must be started within the seven-day window. This is why it is vital to consult with a licensed Insolvency Practitioner immediately.

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)

When wanting to end an insolvent company a CVL is a quick and effective option. Ensuring debts are paid to the fullest extent possible, with the remainder being written off. This method can help relieve owners of the burden of trying to ensure creditors are paid out without bias and in the legally correct order.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)

A legally binding agreement between the debtor and creditors. An IVA affords the insolvent individual a chance to reorganise their financial affairs to the satisfaction of all parties. To initiate an IVA 75% (by value) of creditors must approve, which means debtors will need to prove the advantages of the IVA over a much shorter Bankruptcy.

The IVA will often last a total of 5 years and will require regular payments throughout. It also will not protect your credit score but can protect an accountancy licence.

Insolvent Death Estates

International Insolvencies

LPA Receivership

Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

The professional way to close the doors and start your next adventure. When closing down a company its best to leave no outstanding matters to haunt whatever you choose to do next. MVL’s are tax efficient ensuring a lucrative exit for shareholders.

Not-For-Profit, Societies, and Charities

Partnership Voluntary Arrangements (PVAs)

Recovery Advice for Creditors

Solvent Liquidations

About us

CBW Recovery was formed in April 2023 after Joe Colley and John Dickinson organised an MBO of the Insolvency department of Carter Backer Winter LLP. Having retained the entire team, we have a clear vision to continue to bring a bespoke service to our clients.

We also understand though the importance of a personal touch during insolvency. With an expert team behind the wheel, you can be confident in receiving the best return or advice in any case.


At CBW Recovery we are highly committed to promoting equality and diversity in a welcoming and respectful workplace. CBW Recovery has an inclusive and diverse team, and we are extremely proud to carry on these traditions from Carter Backer Winter.